“Us with you, your with us" RPM Cycling launches a new project…

Are you passionate about cycling and do you love to share your sports feats on social networks? Then you could be our perfect brand ambassador.

RPM Cycling is a young and dynamic brand entirely made in Italy, specializing in the production of technical clothes for cycling. To expand the brand’s visibility, especially on the web, we are looking for new brand ambassadors besides the champions from the sport system who have already been successfully involved in our business project. We will supply you with a kit containing several RPM products to test out. All we ask of you is to wear them and use them, and then share the pictures you take for your social networks, informing your followers of the technical aspects of the products you try, explaining what impressed you the most and why they, too, should choose RPM. The goal will also be to communicate through you, to get them involved in the countless activities where the company shines in the two-wheel world: on the road, on the track and off-road.

In addition to supplying you with some free garments from the RPM Cycling line, we will use our blogs and social accounts to share your experiences and on bike adventures, as well as your performance in any competitions or bike events in which you participate. 

In exchange for the materials supplied we will ask you to regularly promote RPM Cycling products on your social networks, adding our hashtag #myrpm and tagging our official account @rpmcycling to each post. In addition to promoting RPM products online, we will ask you to interact actively on RPM’s social channels, writing comments or sharing posts that the company will publish during the week.

If you like this idea and you believe to have what it takes to become a successful brand ambassador, send us your information and links to your social networks at info@rpm-cycling.com.
We will be happy to get to know you and explain to you in greater detail about this new RPM Cycling project.

Visit our website www.rpm-cycling.com and discover the entire RPM Cycling collection.