Safety on the road has always been a very important issue for all cyclists, and unfortunately it is a subject that has been in the news a lot lately. In addition to numerous campaigns which are currently being implemented to raise awareness of this matter, the sport system is investing a lot of significant energy and resources to try and supply cycling enthusiasts with cutting-edge technical tools. RPM Cycling is definitely a major player in this field and has always been involved with the question of street safety. 

RPM Cycling has designed and developed a new, highly visible winter jacket called the HiViz Klima Jacket. This new product stands out especially for its back side; the rear pockets are made in reflective material that makes the cyclist more visible on the road, even on the grayest days with poor visibility. The reflective area on the back of a size L HiViz Klima Jacket is about 800 cm².

Besides the aspects related to road safety, the new HiViz Klima Jacket is made with highly antiperspirant, water-resistant and windproof materials that help keep the body warm and dry. This garment can be worn over underwear, since the versatility and high quality of materials guarantee superior thermal balance. 

Until December 22nd, enjoy a 15% discount when you buy the new HiViz Klima Jacket by inserting the number of this coupon at the moment of purchase: HVJ15121217


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