Care instructions

A mini guide to illustrating a few simple rules to follow for the care of your Rpm sportswear.


We recommend washing your garments in cold water and hanging them in a well- ventilated place to dry. Any traces of mud or coarse deposits of dirt should be eliminated beforehand.
In order to preserve the fabric, print and colour it’s a good rule to dry the garment inside out. Be careful not to expose clothing to direct sunlight.
In case of elevated perspiration, it’s important to wash or at least rinse garments immediately after use, in order to protect the fabric from deterioration caused by bacterial residue.

Washing instructions

For best results, always wash garments separately, placing them in the appropriate washing bag.
Before washing, turn the items inside out(seams must be on the outside).
Machine wash on gentle cycle, no more than 30°. We recommend using a liquid detergent. Avoid the use of bleaches and fabric softeners. Do not soak, scrub or wring. Do not machine spin or dry on radiators or other sources of heat.

Fabric pilling

Fabric pilling is caused by embroidery stitching on the bike saddle, that on leg contact, causes abrasion of the fabric. It is therefore, advisable not to use this type of saddle. Please pay attention to Velcro used in saddle bag fasteners so that it does not come in contact with the shorts.
We also recommend washing separately our RPM garments from other clothes, especially gloves, bags, rain jackets and other items containing Velcro.