About US


_ Revolution Per Minute _

RPM is the unit of measure for the pedaling cadence, defined by the ratio between muscle power and rotation speed, to point out the number of revolutions per minute run by the pedal.
RPM dresses the cyclist who wants an innovative apparel, performing and stylish at the same time, able to reach the top of technicality without giving up a fashion and contemporary look.
The key to overcoming the hardest challenge is to get on your bike and push on the pedals, finding the right balance between legs and heart, between competitiveness and passion.
RPM is a dynamic and future-oriented brand, always looking to wider horizons to suit professional and amateur athletes' need with pieces of clothing that will not get unnoticed thank to their quality and design.
RPM Cycling is the Revolution of the Cyclist looking for the winning match between performance and style: we design and realize custom sportswear for your best riding experience.


_ From the Starting to the Finishing line _

Passion and style are Made-in-Italy flags, proudly flown by RPM Cycling products. 
Its headquarters is placed in a sport system district in the North-East of the country, well-established in this business for decades, where specialization and collaboration have built and followed through global growth and success.
From Research&Development to collection final details, all processing stages are managed and carried internally: models and graphics are designed and developed within the company, materials are tested by pros and experts, e-commerce is directly handled, in order to assure the best production quality and the best customer service, wherever and whenever.
RPM Cycling works side by side with Dr.Pad, an internationally known and appreciated brand, specialized in the production of cycling pads: the two companies joined their know-how to offer cyclists the maximum performance and comfort, every day in every road.


_ The Style of Quality _

For RPM Cycling, fabrics are more than a simple point of departure, they are over the winning post, they mark all the essential stages towards the best items to dress the cycling passion.
RPM meets the hardest challenges about technical sportswear: comfort, wearability, breathability, lightness, insulation, etc... obviously without giving up the style that distinguishes every single piece signed by this brand.
Reliability and pleasantness of RPM Cycling clothing are due to fabrics meticulous selection and customized actualization, to ensure the maximum riding value.
We design and realize custom and highly performing sportswear, that will accompany you along all seasons and on all tracks, following your cycling attitude without forgetting your personal style.
Discover immediately our collection and experience at first hand the style of passion.

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