A new offer for all “Social Teams”

The competitive cycling season is coming to an end but all the teams are still working full swing as they focus on the new year. RPM Cycling has decided to launch a new “social” project aimed at all teams, particularly young competitors and amateurs.

The initiative intends to put a new twist on the current business model that exists between the sports clothing supplier and teams, striving to create a synergy that can last in time and give both parties better economic advantages as well as improved web exposure.

The RPM Cycling business proposal can be summed up as:


In fact, the higher the number of followers each team has on their social networks, the higher the discount RPM Cycling will apply to their orders:

  • from 0-1000 followers: up to 15% discount
  • from 1000-5000 followers: up to 20% discount
  • > 5000: up to 30 % discount

Of course, the feats of the athletes on RPM Cycling branded teams will be shared on all the company’s web accounts, from their internet page to their social networks. This will help both sponsor and teams to increase their exposure and visibility.

In addition to the business aspect and increased publicity, teams that choose RPM Cycling will be able to count on products that are certified 100% Made in Italy. In fact, all production phases take place in the Treviso sport system district, which is synonymous with quality and excellence that is recognized throughout the world.

To request an estimate, just send an email to, or if you are in the Montebelluna area, our company’s doors are always open to anyone who wants to stop by for a visit.

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