Revolutionize your style with a click

RPM wants to grow on social media, too.
The young brand from Montebelluna specializes in the production of technical sports clothing, and now it’s ready to take on a new, exciting challenge.

In fact, RPM has come up with a new campaign developed specifically for social networks called REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR STYLE WITH A CLICK, which aims to present the brand through the eyes of those who wear clothes from the RPM collection and actually puts the customer centre stage.

RPM branded athletes can now share their athletic feats on Facebook and Instagram, or simply give live reports on their adventures and emotions, creating a de facto community tied to the brand.

RPM has also identified the hashtag of reference which clients can use to share their own experiences on social networks: #myrpm. This choice finds roots in the very name RPM (revolutions per minute) but also in the brand’s philosophy, which strives to produce garments that can satisfy the requests of sports champions but also individual enthusiasts.

REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR STYLE WITH A CLICK is just the first step in a project which will be expanded and developed throughout the months to continue giving a voice and space to RPM customers, but also expand the brand’s exposure on social networks, thus making the most out of the potential of 2.0 communications.


INSTAGRAM: @rpm_cycling

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