New RPM underwear, perfect 365 days a year

New RPM underwear, perfect 365 days a year

A hard sport like cycling requires sacrifice and dedication, whether its professional cycling or just simple pleasure riding. For both types however, keen attention to detail can also improve cycling performance and make riding easier. Choosing the perfect technical clothing is an aspect that all two wheel fans must consider, so it’s important to wear garments that don’t impede or interfere with the carefree experience of pursuing their passion. For example, thermoregulation is a widespread concern of many cyclists. This is why RPM has come up with underwear that can be worn both in the rigid winter months and humid summer days. This is a highly breathable product that can deliver maximum comfort, especially since its seams are minimal. New RPM underwear is available in short sleeves and tank models in two different colour tones: black and ice grey. These are the materials that go into the new RPM underwear:

– 80% polypropylene

– 15% polyamide

– 5% elastin

New RPM will soon be available at the online shop