The crew of RPM Cycling brand ambassadors is expanding. After engaging the Italian ex-skier and TV commentator Claudia Morandini in their business project, the company from Montebelluna (TV) has started a new collaboration with ex-pro cyclist Marco Bandiera from Castelfranco Veneto, in Treviso. After five seasons among the amateur leagues he moved to the pros in 2008 with team Lampre-Fondital, which is managed by former World Champion Beppe Saronni. During his long spanning career he wore several important jerseys, including some from abroad, like the one from the Omega Pharma-Quick Step juggernaut and Team Katusha. Bandiera always stood out in the pack as an indispensable team player beside his captains, but he was also seen as a brave attacker. In fact, in 2015 he triumphed in the rankings for sprinting finish lines and took home the Pinarello prize for breakaways in the Giro d’Italia. At the end of 2016 he announced his retirement from racing and together with his ex-team mate Tiziano Dall’Antonia decided to take on a new business venture, remaining in the world of cycling. 

RPM Cycling wanted Marco Bandiera to test some articles from the new “Stripes” line, which was developed for all those riders who want to stand out and set trends on their bikes. The “Stripes” line for the RPM man is distinguished by three leading products: the Stripes Jersey, Classic Bib Shorts and the Stripes Thermal Jersey. Bandiera got the chance to try the new “Stripes Jersey” in navy blue, which is enhanced by a few light coloured horizontal lines and made with innovative Jersey 120 g materials on the main panels featuring air mesh on the back and sides. In addition to the jersey, Bandiera took to the road to test all the comfort of the new Classic Bib Shorts in blue, made in Lycra 220g. Flat stitching and a multi-panelled structure enhance the fit of this product. Finally, the ex-pro from Treviso tried on the most revolutionary garment from the new line, the Thermal Stripes Jersey, which is perfect in more unpredictable weather conditions and designed primarily for fans of Granfondo events, who sometimes have to compete in their race starting very early in the morning when low temperatures and poor visibility are aspects that need to be taken seriously. 

“This winter I already got the chance to test some of the products from the RPM Cycling collection and I was quite impressed,” says the ex-pro Marco Bandiera“A few weeks ago I tried the new pieces from the Stripes line, a perfect mix of elegance and comfort. It isn’t easy in fact to find products on the market that can be comfortable and breathable, yet at the same time also feature an attractive design and offer an aesthetic aspect. Thanks to the competence of the people behind this brand, RPM Cycling has been able to emerge in a tough market like sportswear, which is always more and more competitive. This is a young and dynamic brand, but it performs with the professionalism of a master in the sector.”