RPM will participate in the EWS Enduro World Series in 2016

On Wednesday evening, the Cantina Col Vetoraz establishment in S. Stefano di Valdobbiadene (Treviso) hosted the presentation for Team CMC, the first Italian squad that will participate in the Mountain Bike Enduro World Series. The racing uniform for this new formation from Treviso has been designed by RPM, the young brand from Montebelluna specialized in the production of technical clothing. On this occasion, the Team sponsors and the media got the chance to check out two different types of jerseys, both featuring the team’s traditional colours: orange and grey. For Team CMC, RPM came up with the Enduro jersey as well as their jersey for road cycling. The team will take part in 5 out of 8 World Series tests, in addition to the major races on the national, regional and Tri-Veneto calendars. Team CMC’s racing debut is set for the end of March (19th/20th March), in the Superenduro competition called Coppa Italia (Italian Trophy) to be held in Massa Marittima (GR), Tuscany. For Team CMC their first World Series test will be on May the 15th, in Wicklow, Ireland; then the team will fly to Aspen, in the American state of Colorado, for the race there on July 30th/31st.

These are the six super-young guys who will be participating in the World Series: Marco De Col (Castion – BL) 09/03/93, Riccardo Garbuio (Sernaglia della Battaglia – TV) 21/01/99, Erwin Ronzon (Mel – BL) 07/06/97, Damiano Rossa (Sedico – BL) 25/03/84, Alessandro Zoppelli (Maserada – TV) 10/04/96, Nicola Zortea (Canal San Bovo – TN) 06/09/92.

RPM – Revolutionize your Style, even in Enduro.



What is Enduro? It’s a new dimension in mountain biking; nothing less than a bike-style, an all-new, original philosophy for experiencing the world of off-road cycling. Although it has Anglo-Saxon roots, this sport is becoming increasingly widespread in Italy as well. Compared with other sports, this is an activity that attracts a following made up of very young bike buffs who like to move around, meet up and experience new things, a sort of fat tyre crew, modelled after surfing or snowboarding tribes. Enduro bikes are a hybrid between a normal MTB –  with double cross country shock absorbers – and a downhill bike; basically it’s a very light, all-mountain bike that is easy to ride and high performing.

– For tourists and enthusiasts, the enduro allows the rider to discover nature and the environment in complete freedom, taking on flat terrain, climbs and steep downhills. You can follow trails, but also venture beyond the beaten path onto more challenging, unpredictable surfaces. The area around Monte Cesen (between Segusino and Valdobbiadene) serves as a natural gym for the riders on Team CMC, with its well charted and marked tracks. It is the perfect place for anyone who wants to get to know this sport.

– On a racing/competitive level , enduro trials follow the model of motorcycle enduro events, which feature a few interspaced time trials as well as transitional stretches in a raid style. Competitions include regional, national and international races (like the EWS).