RPM opens its new online shop


RPM has launched its own online store. The emerging brand from Montebelluna (TV) produces technical sports clothing for cycling, triathlon and running. Its plans for expansion naturally had to include a sales solution that was closer to the final consumer. Thus the idea of developing an outright online shop, where fans can buy articles from the summer and winter RPM collections, as well as all  the must-have accessories to pursue their passion in maximum comfort.  This decision was made in the conviction that the time had come to open up to new business channels like e-commerce, making the most of the web’s potential but also tapping in to an increasing propensity for shopping on line and a continually growing market of internet consumers.

In addition to this new direct sales method,  customers can also purchase RPM products by contacting the company directly. This is definitely the preferred channel of access for all the teams who use RPM products; they can continue consultations with RPM technicians on the best available materials, choose the perfect design and ultimately create their own custom uniforms.

The online shop is a further step in the company’s growth plan. E-commerce could be an important tool to attract new potential buyers to the world of RPM and further determine a reference target. With the development of the online shop we count on increasing the volume of business beyond Italy as well, so we can satisfy the demands of an increasingly international market.

Anyone who chooses to shop RPM online can take advantage of some special sales offers, such as free shipping and delivery for orders over € 150.