RPM Cycling and Team CMC – IBIS: Their Enduro World Series adventure begins in New Zealand

RPM Cycling’s adventure in support of Team CMC – IBIS will officially get underway with the 2017 Enduro World Series . This weekend Rotorua, in North Island, New Zealand, will be the scene for #round1 of the World Series Enduro mountain bike challenge. This contest among the world who’s who in the specialty includes the 4 bikers on the team from Valdobbiadene, whose jerseys are branded RPM Cycling: Nicola Casadei from San Marino, Marco De Col and Erwin Ronzon, both from Belluno, and Tobia Poloni from Susegana, Treviso.

The four pilots from Team CMC – IBIS flew from Veneto to the other side of the world a few weeks ago in order to better adjust to the climate and the territory, and they’ve already had some great workouts. With a time difference 11 hours head of Italy, the schedule will feature official training on the racing trail on Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25thSunday, March 26th, will be the actual race day with 7 PS (special tests).

For info and the schedule for #round1 at Rotorua in New Zealand click here.

These are the stages on the 2017 Enduro World Series calendar: Rotorua-New Zealand (March 26), Tasmania-Australia (April 8-9), Madeira-Portugal (May 13-14), Wicklow-Ireland (May 28), Millau-France (July 1-2), Aspen-USA (July 29-30), Whistler-Canada (August 13) and the finals in Italy at Finale Ligure (September 30– October 1).