No-Rain Jacket by RPM…Don’t Worry be Happy!

Rain and poor weather conditions have always been one of riders’ worst enemies, especially in winter. Fortunately, progress is on the side of riders, and nowadays cyclists can count on technical and innovative garments. A solid example is the No-Rain Jacket produced by RPM, a young yet dynamic brand, all “made in Italy” from Montebelluna (Treviso).

The water resistant No-Rain Jacket is made in a breathable material with a rainproof/windproof membrane. It is the perfect solution for those who have to ride their bikes even when it’s raining, or in any type of unstable weather conditions, when rain can surprise cyclists during a ride.

Aerodynamics, comfort and protection are some of the musts on this model, whose features help it to stand out in the RPM winter collection. The closure is convenient and practical, with a long, covered zipper designed to keep rain and bad weather at bay. Yes, because even when it’s pouring, it is essential for a cyclist to keep the undergarments next to their skin dry for as long as possible.

Attention to detail is unparalleled in the No-Rain Jacket. The cuffs and collar are designed to prevent cold air and rain from infiltrating. The back part is longer, to protect from splashing caused by the tyres, and overall it protects the delicate lower back region from humidity.


Looks are also important, so in addition to performance the No Rain Jacket features a total black look which insures style and elegance. The garment is completely black, but the three convenient back pockets, as well as theRPM logo, are decorated with a practical and indispensable strip of reflective material, which is essential to remaining highly visible on the road.

To use
No Rain Jacket can always be used in the rain; in winter it can be worn over a long sleeved winter jersey (like the RPM Klima Winter Long Sleeve jersey) and in the mid seasons over technical underwear (base layer).

Tech Info
– Totally aerodynamic, breathable and protective
– Light, windproof and water resistant material
– Longer back part to protect against tyre spray
– Elastic interior in silicone around the waist for better adherence
– Long, separable, covered zipper
– 3 back pockets
– Reflective edges on the pockets for increased visibility

Sizes available: XS- XXXL
Colour: black
Price: € 149.90 VAT included

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