Luca Benedetti and RPM World Champions in Food Service

At the Gran Fondo in the city of Padua, the athlete from Santa Lucia di Piave won the World Championship event.

RPM is enjoying a period of world victories. Recently, the 145 -km Gran Fondo Città di Padova was held concurrently with the World Restaurant Owners’ Cycling Championships, which assigns this prestigious international award. The restaurant owner who won the 2016 World Championship event was Luca Benedetti, owner of the Pizzeria Bella Venezia in Santa Lucia di Piave. Luca Benedetti made it to first place wearing a jersey and suspenders from the RPM 110 Line, the top range of the young brand from Montebelluna that specializes in the production of technical sports clothes.

“RPM products are truly excellent and I thank the company for the items it picked out for me and supplied me with,” says Benedetti. “Every year I cover between 10,000 and 15,000 km on my bike, and for a while I’ve been looking for products designed and produced with the highest quality standards, particularly shorts in which I could pedal in utmost comfort. The suspenders from the 110 Line are perfect, especially when you have to spend many hours on the seat of your bike. There are no stitched seams and the saddle padding is really unique and exceptionally performing, so chafing is reduced to a minimum. Having captured the World Championships of cycling restaurant owners is definitely a tremendous achievement for me and for everyone who works at my Pizzeria Bella Venezia in Santa Lucia di Piave. I invite you all to come visit and taste our specialties.”