Classic Winter Bib Shorts by RPM

Classic Winter Bib Shorts by RPM

Just like in summer, bib shots are an essential element in cyclists’ clothing in winter, too. It is especially in winter, when the temperature drops, that it is even more important to keep muscles warm, dry and protected in order to insure optimal performance.

The answer to these needs is called Classic Winter Bib Shortthe short winter bib shorts made by RPM. This garment is one of the most popular products in the RPM brand’s winter collection. Classic Winter Bib Short is sure to be a hit with particularly discerning cyclists who also train intensely over the winter, covering long distances.


There are many features that make these shorts special. They are made in Roubaix material, which makes them very adherent and supportive. The remarkable structure features several panels for a fit that adheres perfectly to the athlete’s body. The pad, which has always been a must for RPM, is the DOC 74 – 3D MAN model; this is one of the most popular pads we use, due to its high density foam and perfect shape. The lateral wings follow the body and the front part perfectly covers the crotch. The design and density of this pad give the perfect support for covering medium and long distances. Furthermore, the fine details of the Classic Winter Bib Shorts set this garment apart; especially the pockets, useful for carrying radios and other mobile devices, on both sides of the bib shorts. Not to mention the RPM logo in reflex material, on the left leg and on the back, which help make the cyclist more visible on the road.

Used together with RPM leg warmers (Klima or Evolution models), the Classic Winter Bib Short can be used in the dead of winter; they allow for more practical movement and a more efficient pedal stroke compared to traditional long underwear. These short bib shorts can also be matched with a short or long sleeved jersey from the RPM collection, in autumn and in the beginning of spring, when the mid seasons present unstable weather.

Tech Info
-Adherent, supportive, made in Roubaix material
-New anti-slip features on the legs increase comfort and stability
-Anatomic DOC 74 pad
-Permanent anti-sweat treatment
-Multi-panelled structure for a perfect fit on the rider’s body
-Reinforced seat with flat stitching for better comfort
-Reflective RPM Logo on the left leg and on the back
-Pockets for racing radio on both sides of the suspenders.

Sizes available: XS- XXXL
Colour: black
Price: € 124.90 VAT included

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