Bertoncello: l’ironman che veste RPM e vola alle Hawaii

Bertoncello bears the name of RPM in a sports scene of great fame and prestige for athletes, who like him, are devoted to a sport that requires extraordinary disciple, preparation and resistance, such as triathlon.
Always an accomplished sportsman, Bertoncello’s career as an ironman commenced only a few short years ago. “What does it take to get there? A disciplined preparation meaning a well-defined nutritional diet and daily workouts” confirms the champion. 30/40 kms every day, yogurt for breakfast, pasta for lunch and meat at dinner, are the segrets to his personal success. A success he builds up day after day.
RPM, the athlete’s sponsor, will closely follow the enterprises of the champion from Vicenza, who, in the wake of his recent successes, hopes for a placing in the top twenty. RPM is alongside it’s athletes in their choice of technical sportswear for triathlon, thanks to various options available to them when personalizing their uniforms.

Here is the Italian Newspaper “Il Giornale di Vicenza” that talked about Fabian’s performance.