RPM is vying for the ironman in France


RPM is preparing to set off for Nice, where the French Ironman competition will take place on June 28th.

The company from Montebelluna has decided to support the ambitious challenge undertaken Michele Simonini and Enrico Miguidi, 2 triathletes that will test their limits by trying to go the distance in the reigning class of the discipline, the Ironman. The test involves a 3.8 km swim in open water, 180 km by bike and as a finale a 42.195 km marathon.

“We are really happy that RPM has decided to place their faith in us and support us in this new adventure,” explain Enrico and Michele. “We want to repay their trust by giving this event our maximum effort.”

As for our equipment, the triathlon bodysuit supplied by RPM is the perfect choice. The suit can be customized, so we decided to style it with the Italian tri-color flag, since we want to fly the Italian colors proudly at the French Ironman competition, and also at the European Championship of Half Distance that will be held in Rimini on May 24th. Plus, the RPM bodysuit is highly technical. The back pockets are handy for carrying nourishment and gel, which are essential in the final part of the race. They are also hydrodynamic, specially designed to not slow us down during the swimming phase.

Lots of people think that in triathlons, especially those with a grueling distance like the Ironman, the most difficult fraction is the swimming, but they’re wrong. The actual key passage is the bicycling part, which requires a prolonged effort, riding fast yet at a constant pace, to save your legs as much as possible for the running part of the race. Our experience over the past several years has shown us that behind every good cyclist there might be a great triathlete hidden under the surface. Seeing is believing…” conclude the two Ironman.